UNO Voice Area Students obtain top prizes at the NATS auditions – Nebraska Chapter

Congratulations to all students participants at the National Association of Teachers of Singing Student Auditions: Nebraska Chapter! They all had a wonderful and successfull time at University of Nebraska-Kearney on October 6, 2017. Thanks to everyone who organized the auditions this year!

Competition results:
Category 7: Gina Comstock, 1st place
Category 8: Aaron Lawrence, finalist
Category 9: Jamie Linh Tran, finalist
Category 10: Marcel Daly, 1st place
Category 11: Melissa Comstock, 3rd place
Category 12: Elijah Brown, 1st place
Category 13: Alexandria Plumb, 2nd place

A shout out to our honorary Maverick, Westside High School senior Maddy Stark, 1st place, Category 1.

A shout out to our wonderful collaborative pianists Stacie Haneline and John J. Bennett!

For the auditions, students are required to sing three to five pieces from memory, depending on their category level. Students sing in a preliminary round, and anyone with an average score of 90 or above advances to the final round. Each round is judged by three NATS teachers.

Mavericks will travel to Greeley, Colorado to sing at the West Central Regional NATS Student Auditions in November.

In case you are wondering…
Category 1- HS Musical Theatre
Category 7- Lower Collegiate Classical Women
Cateogyr 8- Lower Collegiate Classical Men
Category 9- Upper Collegiate Musical Theatre Women
Category 10- Upper Collegiate Musical Theatre Men
Category 11- Upper Collegiate Classical Women
Category 12- Upper Collegiate Classical Men
Category 13- Advanced Classical Women


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