Director’s Welcome

On behalf of our entire musical family, we invite you to join the University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Music to take advantage of artistic and academic opportunities of the highest caliber. Our programs provide the community with a professional environment that stimulates excellence in music education, performance, research, creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, advocacy and service.

Our focus on student-centeredness allows us to provide students with opportunities of unique quality and value. Whether it is through internships in the city, presenting at national and international conferences, successfully participating in competitions, securing relevant jobs in the music field, representing the city in events of national and international caliber or immersing students in other activities that bring them professional growth, the School of Music prepares 21st century musicians who quickly become essential members in the community.

Our core mission also focuses on community engagement by maintaining and developing partnerships that address the concerns and interests of the broader community both within and outside the arts. We are constantly enhancing our role as integral and active members on and off-campus by starting creative initiatives that help to improve the quality of life in the city. It is within this spirit of collaboration that we continue to establish ourselves as forerunners in the Healing Arts field by engaging our students and faculty in performances throughout hospitals, schools and retirement communities in the area. We are also proud to have started the Nebraska Medical Orchestra in collaboration with UNMC. The recent renovation and expansion of the Strauss Performing Arts Center is not only enhancing the School of Music’s growing reputation as one of the top cultural and academic destinations in Nebraska, but it is also providing students, faculty and staff with state of the art facilities and acoustics to strengthen scholarly and creative activities. Although we are proud of our facilities, academic programs and initiatives, one of the main aspects that define us is our strong sense of community both internally and externally. We believe our collaborative approach will continue to help us become one of the leading music programs in the country. I invite you to join us in the musical journey upon which our School of Music has embarked.

This News site is dedicated to celebrate the accomplishments of our students, faculty, alumni, and staff, as well as sharing with the community the many opportunities available in our School.

Come join us at UNO.

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