Zach Jeppesen, BA Music Entrepreneurial Studies major, presents research at UNO’s Research and Creative Activity Fair

BA Music Entrepreneurial Studies major and bassist, Zach Jeppesen, presents his research poster, Rediscovering and Restoring the New England/American Three-string Double Bass Tradition, at the UNO 2022 UNO Research and Creative Activity Fair. Zach was a recipient of the 2021 FUSE (Fund for Undergraduate Scholarly Experiences) grant, which helped fund his research.

With the guidance of mentor, Professor Jeremy Baguyos, Zach is restoring and conducting research on an otherwise discarded, antique three string bass from the New England area, found in extreme disrepair. His aim is to preserve and study the historical musical performance practice of the 3-string double bass prior to the American twentieth century.
He hopes that by the end of 2022 his efforts will culminate in a public performance of a period accurate piece on the restored instrument. In the event that the antique bass is not playable he will perform the piece on a contemporary bass in a 19th century, three string tuning.

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