UNO professors’ article on Agathe Bäcker-Grøndahl published in The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon

UNO professors Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor and Prof. Shelby VanNordstrand’s article, “Queen of Her Instrument: The contributions of pianist and composer Agathe Bäcker-Grøndahl (1847-1907),” was published in the Winter 2021 journal issue of The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon.  

The article discusses Bäcker-Grøndahl’s works for solo piano as well as those for voice and piano, bringing to the forefront a composer who was quite well-known during her time, but after her death, has been largely ignored outside of Norway and Scandinavia.  Dr. Taylor and Prof. VanNordstrand will be continuing their research and performance of her works in coming months.

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