Miguel Harth-Bedoya featured in an interview by Boosey and Hawkes

Renowned conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya has built an international career as a masterful artist and adventurous tastemaker who approaches canonical works with the same intense curiosity and ingenuity that he brings to brand new pieces.

Since his student days at Curtis, Harth-Bedoya has been developing relationships with composers that have lasted a lifetime. He spoke with us about several B&H works that he has deeply connected with over the span of his career, including works by Anna Clyne (RIFT), Osvaldo Golijov (Last Round, Three Songs, Mariel), and Aaron Copland (Appalachian Spring, Clarinet Concerto).

Harth-Bedoya is featured in an interview by Boosey and Hawkes available at:

Miguel Harth-Bedoya

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