Edward Whittle wins 2nd place in BigIdea! Pitch Contest 2020

Edward Whittle, a senior School of Music Entrepreneurial Studies major, wins 2nd place in UNO’s Nebraska Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Franchising, @UNOCIEF,  BigIdea! Pitch Contest 2020.  

Edward pitched his app, Music Ringer, a web-application with a database of worldwide musicians where potential clients can view and experience musicians before hiring and paying for their service.  My mission is to connect musicians with the world and allow them to become more discoverable and successful. Kudos and congrats to Edward on this  accomplishment!  #congratulations  #bigideapitchcontest #unomaha.

One thought on “Edward Whittle wins 2nd place in BigIdea! Pitch Contest 2020

  1. Ed, I’m so proud of you for completing your degree at the University of Nebraska-as well as working a full time job. Congratulations on getting your business-Music Ringer-started. Sounds like this is a perfect time to be providing this kind of service. Best of luck in keeping your business growing. Thank you for sharing information about yourself. It is always so gratifying to hear from former students to learn how their lives are progressing. Keep up the good work. Also, say ‘Hi” to your family from Mr. Duffy and me. Hope you are having a good holiday. Fondly, Mrs. Duffy


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