UNO student Hannah Fisher presents at the Florida State Music Teachers Association Conference

Hannah Fisher, a junior music education student at UNO, was accepted to present her short session, “LGBT Who?? Affirming LGBTQ Students in the Music Classroom,” at the Florida State Music Teachers Association Conference this October. This session will also be featured at the Music Teachers National Association conference in March 2021. 
The session addresses the challenges LGBTQ students face and the ways that teachers can support and affirm them. Rather than attempting to explain every aspect of LGBTQ identity and inclusion, Hannah’s session seeks to provide the audience with useful skills and working knowledge. Her session is motivated by research from the Trevor Project, which found that the presence of one accepting adult in the life of an LGBTQ child reduces that student’s risk of suicide by 40%. Through this session, she hopes to give teachers the tools to support their students and build lasting connections.

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