The UNO Symphonic Wind Ensemble participated in an international diversity project to connect underrepresented composers with collaborating ensembles

During the fall semester, the UNO Symphonic Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Karen Fannin, participated in the And We Were Heard initiative, which is an international diversity project that connects underrepresented composers with collaborating ensembles.  The goal of the project is to foster equitable programming practices through collaborative recording and digital dissemination.  This project was launched at the end of 2018 and is in the process of recording dozens of new works by living female composers and composers of color.

And We Were Heard Graphic.pngThe Symphonic Wind Ensemble was paired with composer Amy Dunker and performed and recorded her work Julien’s Dream.  Amy Dunker is an American trumpeter, educator and composer.  Her works have been performed throughout the United States, Czech-Republic, Italy, Ireland, the Ukraine, France, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, and Puerto Rico. Currently, Dunker is an associate professor of music at Clarke College where she teaches composition, theory, aural skills, and trumpet.  Julien’s Dream was written in commemoration of French-Canadian settler, Julien Dubuque. Widely recognized for his friendship and negotiations with the Meskwaki Native American tribe, Dubuque began mining lead with the Meskwaki’s permission in 1788. Dubuque lived in peace with the Meskawaki and served as their litigator in disputes over land with the U.S. government. The land, located on present-day Dubuque, Iowa, was named after him in recognition of his legacy.

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble’s recording of this work and others like it at can be heard the project website:


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