UNO Keyboard Area starts Mentoring Program with Omaha Music School, Crash Bang Boom

The University of Nebraska School of Music has fostered a Mentoring Program with Omaha Music School, Crash Bang Boom. UNO Piano students, who are committed to education and have a passion for teaching young students, may apply yearly to be admitted into the mentoring program. Those accepted into the program will complete a 12 week pedagogy course led by Professor Haneline, UNO Keyboard Faculty, during the summer months.

Upon completion of the coursework, students will begin teaching at Crash Bang Boom in the fall under the supervision of Professor Haneline and Ashley Eisenmann, owner and lead teacher of Crash Bang Boom. Crash Bang Boom is committed to the musical development and education of all children interested in learning to play the piano throughout the Omaha community. UNO School of Music Keyboard Area is committed to fostering a well rounded education for piano students with opportunities to engage with the community. Students admitted into the mentorship program will work closely with music educators from UNO and area teachers for guidance and support.

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