Dr. Derrick Fox to guest conduct the Omaha Symphonic Chorus

Founded in 1946 as the Apollo Club by the Dean of the College of Music at the University of Omaha, the Omaha Symphonic Chorus was incorporated as a non-profit organization in August, 1971. The Omaha Symphonic Chorus sings music of all genres and periods. Classical or contemporary, accompanied or a cappella, towering masterpieces or international folk traditions, all styles are represented in OSC’s diverse repertoire.

Dr. Derrick Fox will be the guest conductor for the first concert of the session which will feature works by diverse American composers. This event will be a joint concert with the University of Nebraska University Tenor/Bass and Treble Choirs on the UNO campus.

The Concert will take place in the Concert Hall of the Strauss Performing Arts Center on Thursday Oct. 10 at 7:30 p.m. Ticket information can be found at the following link – https://tockify.com/uno.music/detail/293/1570753800000


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