Student Spotlight – Elijah Brown

In May 2019 Elijah Brown graduated from UNO with a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance.  While at UNO Elijah participated heavily in Opera Workshop and productions.  Elijah was able to travel all over the world as a music student with trips to China and Lithuania.  When asked to point to a memorable moment while studying at UNO, Elijah was quick to point to the opportunity he had to work with renowned collaborative pianist Margo Garrett.

Elijah will now turn his focus to furthering his education.  In the fall, he will begin work on a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Alabama.  Along with his studies, Elijah has also been awarded a graduate assistantship at Alabama.  Elijah would like to thank Professor Shelby VanNordstrand, Dr. Derrick Fox and the entire faculty of the vocal area for their encouragement and support during his undergraduate career.  Elijah would also like to thank Dr. Washington Garcia for his mentorship.

Brown, Elijah

2 thoughts on “Student Spotlight – Elijah Brown

  1. So proud of you Elijah. Grandparents are blessed to see their grandchildren sharing their talents with others. God Bless, Grandpa and Grandma Brown

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  2. So very proud of you Elijah, not only for the talented singer you are, but for the thoughtful, kind person you have become. Congratulations!

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