Freshmen students welcomed into the Maverick Marching Band

Tonight Freshmen students celebrated the final stage in being welcomed as full members into the Maverick Marching Band. This was the first time that they sang the fight song, the alma mater, and Troop (a stylized marching routine) with the veteran members of the band. These students have been attending orientation sessions each night for 2 hours at minimum and spent many additional hours memorizing new music, routines, etc. Tonight was a huge accomplishment for the Freshmen members.

Students that participate in the athletic band program are some of the most visible performers in the School of Music and are frequently sought after in the community for guest performances. They are stewards of the School of Music and of the University. Each week, these students will, on average, perform for several thousand people. They are vital to helping establish university culture and climate, relying heavily on positive traditions dating back nearly 100 years—when the band program was founded in 1928.

Congratulations to the new members of the Maverick Marching Band!

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