UNO School of Music welcomes its newest musical instrument

Dr. Washington Garcia and Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor

UNO School of Music is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest musical instrument, a Steinway 9-foot Concert Grand Piano Model D.

Dr. Washington Garcia, Director of the School of Music/Professor of Piano and Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor, Coordinator of the Keyboard Area/Assistant Professor of Piano, traveled to New York to select this instrument at the Steinway Factory in Queens.

This instrument, which is Nebraska’s newest concert grand piano, was given to UNO School of Music through the generous support of several patrons in Omaha and Lincoln.

What an exciting time to be part of UNO and a citizen of Nebraska!


One thought on “UNO School of Music welcomes its newest musical instrument

  1. As an Ecuadorian I am so proud that you have a valuable co-citisen as your school director. He started in our country and I felt how he tenaciously grew to become a master of keys. He deserves all the credit for his triumph we only pushed him a bit.


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