Professors Stacie Haneline and Jamie Reimer invited to perform and present in Iceland

JamieStacie1Collaborative Partners, Professor Stacie Haneline and Dr. Jamie Reimer have been selected to perform and present their research at the International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS 2017) in Reykjavík, Aug 30–02 Sept, 2017. The number and quality of abstracts submitted for this year’s event were exceptionally high, and competition for space in the programme was intense. Professor Haneline and Dr. Reimer will define a healthy collaborative partnership, based on the research done by Peretz and Zatorre on cognitive neuroscience (2003), Juslin and Sloboda on emotion (2001), and Parncutt and McPhereson (2001), Williamon (2004) and Davidson (2004) on performance. Specific questions addressed include: Is collaboration a short-term appearance or a defined relationship? What are the characteristics of collaborative relationships? How may those characteristics be defined in order to identify your own aptitude and abilities to be the best possible collaborator?
The presenters will report on the results from a survey of professional singers and pianists about the healthy – and unhealthy – collaborative partnerships they have encountered, including the issues of vulnerability in rehearsal and performance, intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, expectancy, extrinsic value, and perceived cost. Attention will also be paid to the impact of previous collaborative experiences (positive and negative), the influence of language, and crisis management, in the collaborative setting.
These results will be illustrated through, and compared to, the presenters’ own experiences from recent collaborative recital preparation and performance, and practically applied in the discussion and performance of Franz Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade” and excerpts from Jake Heggie’s song cycle Natural Selection.

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