Emily Boganowski interns with the Omaha Public Library

Emily BoganowskiEmily Boganowski, (BAM, Entrepreneurship) has spent the past year working at the W. Dale Clark Library completing an internship that has allowed her to work in organizing a collection of music programs from Omaha area concerts that spanned from 1908-1974.  The objective for the internship was to put these programs in chronological order and enter them into a searchable database for people wanting to research the music history of Omaha.  

In reflecting on the value of her experience, Emily said, “This internship has helped me develop immensely as a student in a number of different ways.  Most importantly, I have gained some much knowledge from my research and discovery of each program in this vast collection.  I have learned about the different kinds of repertoire and instruments that were used to make each recital or concert successful. As a music student, this information is precious because it grants me insight to how these people made their own joy out of music, and how they were successful in their many different journeys with music.   This project has also helped me to think about the bigger, academic picture. I have learned how to quickly and proficiently obtain the most important pieces of information that might help other music students needing research or information about Omaha and its history with music. Knowing that I could be making someone’s homework just that tiny bit less stressful is a reward of its own! The music history in Omaha is simply fascinating, and soon it will be as easy as a few clicks to ensure it continues to captivate those that search for it.” 

This internship was created by Dr. Melissa Berke in partnership with the Jody duRand, Community Engagement Manager of the Omaha Public Library which is housed on campus at the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center.

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