UNO students performed at the Sound Health Series

SoundHealth2016'Six music majors from UNO’s School of Music participated in Sound Health on February 24 at Bergan Mercy Hospital, a service learning program that brings live music to area health care facilities.  Student participants included: Jeremy Ahlstrom, guitar; Heidi Copeland, viola; Kevin Krause, guitar; Jackson Roberson, guitar; Danny Sabra, violin; and Joye Trimmel, cello.
Listener feedback during the visit included: 
Sound Health is the highlight of my week.SoundHealth2016
Restful, educational, Brings people together.
 Thank you for bringing beauty to us today.
Wonderful! Transformed to a different place!.
It was trully Beautiful I felt Inspired!!!!.
Provided a calming atmosphere in the lobby.
Took my mind off my daughter’s surgery.

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