Music Technology Senior, Daniel Faronbi, has been accepted into NYU Steinhardt’s Music Technology PhD program, one of the premiere institutions for Music Technology research in the world. He will attend under the advisement of Dr. Juan Bello and Dr. Leila Adu-Gilmore. His research will focus on topics in Music Information Retrieval (MIR), particularly in the field of Machine Listening, a subset of Machine Learning. 

The research will be conducted in the Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL), which brings together scholars from music theory, technology and composition, computer and information science, interactive media, and media studies to explore the intersection between music, computation, and science.

Daniel was the sole recipient of the Steinhardt Doctoral Fellowship through the Music Technology Program which comes with tuition coverage, health insurance, and a stipend. He will be the first PhD student admitted to this program directly from an undergraduate program.

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