Yimeng Xu and Lillian Kraft awarded a FUSE Grant

Yimeng Xu and Lillian Kraft were awarded a FUSE Grant through the Office of Research and Creativity. These students will focus on using room technology-oriented programs, hardware, and apps for collaborative processes. The collaborative teams will use of Soundjack—a real-time communication system providing quality-and latency-relevant parameters for the user— and will be exploring real-time/online solution for students involved in collaborative synchronous learning.  

Research and creative measures include preparation techniques, rehearsal time and content, verbal and nonverbal communication, music genre, and the team’s familiarity with the technology.  Challenge and opportunities realized through remote collaboration will be detailed and recorded. The analysis and interpretation of data will be focused on providing detailed information regarding the dynamic of the vocalist and collaborative pianist team, as well as learning processes. The final report will include a comprehensive account of the collaborative experiences shared throughout the study. The information gathered will serve as a tool for instructors and students and contribute to the music and teaching community at large.  A final presentation will be given at UNO’s Research and Creativity Fair during Fall 2021.

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