Dr. Kristi­n Jóní­na Taylor featured as guest presenter and performer in Serbia and Omaha

Dr. Kristi­n Jóní­na Taylor presented at the 12th World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, which took place virtually on June 27th this summer. Her topic was “Nordic Nationalism in Solo Piano Literature “. This lecture-recital program presented works by Nordic composers, including Niels Gade (Denmark), Geirr Tveitt (Norway), Harald Sæverud (Norway), and Selim Palmgren (Finland), which explore the idea of nationalism, expressed both in regards to cultural, linguistic, and ideological lines, but also in the advocacy of or support for the political independence of a particular nation or people. The focus was on three countries (Denmark, Norway, and Finland) who had different pathways in expressing nationalism or patriotism, which can be examined through a musical lens.

Dr. Taylor was also invited to perform at Omaha Under the Radar this summer. Due to COVID-19, the festival was cancelled, but Omaha Under the Radar established a collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago to present a concert on June 21st. Dr. Taylor performed works by Jean-Philippe Rameau and Omaha-based composer Bryan Stanley on the program. The performance took place at OutR Spaces in downtown Omaha and can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/657708650.


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