Stacie Haneline and Jamie Reimer present at the 56th National Association of Teachers of Singing

Invited to present at the 56th National Association of Teachers of Singing, Stacie Haneline and Dr. Jamie Reimer discussed research on the responsibility of voice teachers to share their knowledge in training collaborative pianists. Haneline and Reimer have collaborated for over a decade in research and performance arenas. Their current research stems from previous years of experiencing challenges and markers to sustain satisfying collaborative partnerships.

Voice teachers are an extraordinary resource for young pianists who often have no prior experience collaborating. This study explores the perceptions, comfort, and knowledge which voice teachers may or may not extend to pianists. Haneline and Reimer’s research has been met with great interest, and they will continue to develop strategies and methods to support voice teachers and collaborative processes to enhance voice teachers’ and students’ work.

BlogJamieHaneline 2020

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