Olga Smola serves as music director in the Russian folklore musical play ‘Morozko’

Olga Smola, UNO Instructor of Violin, served as a music director, Russian culture consultant, composer, arranger and violinist in the Russian folklore musical play ‘Morozko’ produced by the Ollie Webb Center’s Art of Imagination program.

Picture1Ollie Webb Center is a charity that provides programming and support services for people with intellectual and development disabilities. The production was part of a six month educational program that included daytime classes for adults with intellectual disability (such as Prop Design, Costume Design, Dramaturgy, etc) and evening rehearsals. The production featured authentic Russian folk music, costumes and dance, puppetry, comedy, and many stock characters from the world of Russian folk tales.

The play was written by Jill Andersen and Brandon Mass and produced under the direction of Jill Andersen. The cast of 25 featured adults with developmental disability alongside top professionals from the theatre and music scene of Omaha.

Grace Manley, UNO alumna, works for Ollie Webb as a musical theater and repertory theater instructor. For ‘Morozko’ she served as a production manager and played a role of Marya.


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