The UNO School of Music Sound Health Program continues to maintain an active schedule in the community

UNO Alumna Debbie Martinez directed Millard North High School students and UNO students at the UNMC Durham Outpatient Center as part of the Sound Health series. Sound Health is a component of UNMC’s Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center’s Healing Arts Program. This semester UNO students mentored Millard North High School students as part of a service-learning project that culminated in a final performance on December 6, 2018.

UNO saxophone students also participated in Sound Health, which contributed to the environment of care for patients, visitors, and staff in public health care facilities while giving students service-learning and performing opportunities

UNO students participated in a performance at the UNMC Durham Outpatient Center. This event served as a celebratory finale to their service-learning component of Sound Health which consisted of a semester-long residency with students at Millard North High School.

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