UNO Alums and Students Participate in Conducting Symposia

In June, School of Music recent alums and students attended conducting symposia to further develop their conducting and rehearsal techniques.  Beth Myers, a May 2018 music education graduate, participated in the Shenandoah Conservatory Instrumental Conducting Symposium, where she worked with Dr. Mallory Thompson of Northwestern University and Dr. Tim Robblee of Shenandoah University.  Myers is beginning her new position as an instrumental music teacher at McMillan Middle School in Omaha.

Lauren Milbourn, Brian Nelsen, and Lance Mattice attended the Wind Band Conducting Symposium at the University of Colorado in June.  There they worked with Professor Allan McMurray, Professor Emeritus of Conducting at the University of Colorado, and Dr. Don McKinney, Dr. Matthew Roeder, and Dr. Matthew Dockendorf, all of the University of Colorado.  Mattice was selected as one of three students nationally for the undergraduate track.   Milbourn is a May 2018 music education graduate and is starting her new position as assistant director of bands at Millard South High School.  Nelsen, also a May 2018 music education graduate, joins Elkhorn High School as assistant director of bands, and Mattice is student teaching in the Millard school district.  He expects to finish his degree in music education in December 2018. All are conducting students of Dr. Karen Fannin, Director of Bands and Assistant Director of the School of Music.

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