Stacie Haneline presents at the 2018 NATS in Nevada

Invited to present at the 2018 National Association of Teachers of Singing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Stacie Haneline and her collaborator Dr. Jamie Reimer, presented their research on “Defining Satisfying Collaborations”.

The national conference featured performances by Stephanie Blythe, Christine Brewer, Craig Terry, Alton Fitzgerald White, Juliana Hall and Lori Laitman. Stacie attended numerous presentations, concerts, lectures and round tables throughout the 5 day conference.

The 75th annual convention connected vocalists and pianists with those who share an absolute joy for singing and collaborating. Stacie and Jamie’s research was received with great enthusiasm and they look forward to the many new possibilities which have arisen through their presence at the national conference.

Julianna HallStacieJamiePhoto with Julianna Hall

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