UNO Students recognized by Hear Nebraska and the Kaneko Gallery

Commercial Music Competition

Supported by Hear Nebraska and the Kaneko Gallery, keyboard students spent four weeks composing music to be performed along side a multi media commercial of their choice. The ensembles were required to use a keyboard in some capacity but were encouraged to create music with other instruments or voice. Ten groups created exciting, challenging, new music that proved to be a huge hit.  Live performance and recorded sound tracks of original music were incorporated into the competition which brought creativity and incorporated a multitude of skills and talents.  The commercials ran on a screen while the ensembles performed their compositions.

The competition was judged by Dr. Joshua Kearney, Dr. Darren Pettit and Professor Barry Ford.  There was also an audience favorite.

1st place – Commercial – Milk Matters. Music composed and performed by Luke Annis, Melissa Tomrdle, Beth Gunderson.

2nd place – Commercial – Hutch.  Music composed and performed by  Schylar Junginger, Kenneth Panckae, Marcel Daly.

Hear Nebraska and the Kaneko Gallery were generous in offering their support and prizes for the winners. Special thanks to Dr. Brett Leonard for all his technical support.

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