UNO String Quartet featured on Channel Six


Click here to view the broadcast.

Channel six was at the Children’s Hospital on September 23, 2015 taping the UNO String Quartet during their Sound Health performance.

Sound Health bridges music and medicine through live performances by students who contribute to the environment of care and gain professional performing experience while contributing to their community. During the spring 2015 semester 21 music majors performed at CHI Bergan Mercy Hospital throughout the semester as part of a service learning project.  Students learned about the importance of contributing to their community while gaining invaluable professional performing experience.  During post-performance discussions students reflected on the impact of their experiences and expressed interest in continuing the project next semester.  In addition to CHI Bergan Mercy we are partnering with Children’s Hospital in this year.   This model is based on the Sound Health program that Dr. Mary Perkinson founded at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010:

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