Entrepreneurial Studies student Alyssa Morrison creates Black Music Educators and Performers of Omaha NE

Alyssa Morrison’s final Capstone project for her Entrepreneurial Studies in Music degree brought for the creation of Black Music Educators and Performers of Omaha, NE. The mission to bring forth collaboration, community, and visual inclusivity to residents of Omaha, NE. It is the desire of the BMEPO to uplift the advancement of society as a whole and create limitless hope through representation that will can ignite future opportunities for the Black community.

She notes, “I created Black Music Educators & Performers of Omaha because many residents and educators such as myself are looking for representation in various professions in order to feel edified and supported. Positive self-images helps one feel confident of their abilities and encourages the individual to pursue the passions their heart desires.”

Check out the BMEPO website at: https://blackmusiceducatorsofomaha.godaddysites.com/

Alyssa Morrison is an Omaha native who indulges herself in teaching music to the local community! She is the owner of Musical Expressions Academy, LLC and Alyssa’s Piano Studio. And she is charging her way to completing her Music Entrepreneurship program at University of Nebraska at Omaha. She enjoys serving her community, especially in creative spaces for youth! Alyssa earned the I Be Black Girl Program Grant Award during 2019-2022 season, launching the Empower ME Program teaching four African American girls piano in a group setting – completely free to them! They attended concerts at the Holland Performing Arts Center and received free pianos facilitating at-home practice.

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