Olga Smola – Violin Instructor of UNO – was featured with brilliant violin improvisations on the Alan King Project’s latest album ‘King of Flames’.

Striking symphonies, hypnotic violin, with a mesmerizing contrast of metal and hard bass, all tied together into a world of mystery, evil, love, and hate. Vocalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and Goth/Rock artist Alan King created an experience with the contributions of exceptional artists including Kevin Kerwin on the piano, Jeremy Ehrig on the drums, Jody Kermoade and Danny Korb with the guitar tracks, Chuck Tostenson for the Bass, Matt Tompkins with narration, Olga Smola as the violinist to tie it all together.

‘King of Flames’ is an 80-minute story that tells the tale of a young Lord who experiences love, heartbreak, struggle, and all the tribulations of the world. The album makes you realize the reality of things in life, how everything is not what it truly seems, and how we discover parts of ourselves, piece by piece, on our own journey. Alan King Project mastered the album by giving each track a different style and sound, including Rock, Metal, Classical, and even Blues to make a well-rounded ensemble.

The video on the first track “I’m Everywhere” with Olga Smola was released on Youtube channel a few days later and received more than 75K views in less than 4 weeks.

For more information and streaming:
Watch the video:

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